Digital Marketing


Marketing through traditional media like Print/TV/OOH is like doing carpet bombing of your communication. It’s a hit or miss method and has problems in terms of measuring Return On Investment (ROI), understanding area wise impact, collecting database etc. It is a very expensive and unstructured method of your brand promotion or call for action advertisement. Presently, the trend is to put significant percentage of the total media spend in digital marketing since the impact is precisely measurable, the cost per exposure either through CPM or CPC model can be tracked and the database generated from a digital campaign can be used for multiple purposes. For businesses to reach new heights, diversifying marketing strategies with various tools like Search Engine Marketing, Directories and Listings, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Online Advertising is a must. Orion Consulting offers the following services in Digital Marketing:

SMS Marketing

Send bulk SMS to your target group or large group of people at once. Promote website, survey’s, discount vouchers, lead generation, or any kind of needs. We do all types of SMS i.e. Promotional & Transactional. Also can do on 3rd party database with around 20-25 category options available. Also contact us for premium messaging services.