FINANCIAL SERVICES – Angel Funding/ VC Funding & Merger and Acquisitions

We at Orion Consulting specialize in providing financial services under the following spectrum.

Venture Capital Funding

  • Strategic discussions to identify quantum and timing of investments
  • Doing commercial due diligence and preparing feasibility plans
  • Preparing projections, business plans, cash flows, financials and other documents required in the Information Memorandum (IM).
  • Helping to arrive at business valuation.
  • Helping with Legal due diligence
  • Identifying Venture Funds most suited to the particular transaction
  • Co-ordination and follow up with the VC funds
  • Guiding the promoters through Concalls with VC’s and Angels.
  • Negotiating Term sheets and explaining all caveats and jargons to the promoters
  • Helping with signing off of the Term sheet and getting the investment in the company.
  • Post Investment consultation on future rounds of funding.

Deals Done

 Year  Type of Deal  Company Name  Investor/Acquirer  Deal Size
 1998  Funding  SNR Consulting Pvt Ltd  Warburg Pincus  USD 5M
 1999  Funding  Global R2R  Apptech  USD 2M
 2000  M&A  kaycee  CMS Computers  USD 5M
 2000  Term Loan  SBI  CMS Computers  USD 10M
 2001  IPO  Listing of Midday Multimedia Ltd    USD 20M
 2005  FDI Investment  Radio One Pvt Ltd  BBC  USD 5M
 2006  Funding  Midday Outdoor Ltd  Clear Channel  USD 5M
 2006  Term Loan  Radio One Pvt Ltd  Axis Bank  USD 10M
 2008  Investment  Radio One Pvt Ltd  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala  USD 2M
 2009  Investment  Midday Multimedia Ltd  Bennett Coleman & Co  and Indian Express  USD 10M
 2010  M&A  Midday Infomedia Ltd and Jagran  Prakash Ltd  Jagran Prakashan Ltd.  USD 45M
 2014  M&A  Media Lounge Pvt Ltd & Origin  Beanstalk Pvt. Ltd.  Media Lounge Pvt. Ltd.  USD 1M